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BDOAA is a non-profit organization run by some extremely motivated individuals who aims to popularize Astronomy in Bangladesh. Most of the organizers and academicians are active members of Olympiad community of Bangladesh and participated in various national and international Olympiads.

Most of the alumnus of BDOAA are also working on the fields of Astronomy and other scientific fields.

Academic Team

Academic Supervisors

  • Dr. Shams Bin Tariq (Professor of Physics, RU)
  • Dr. SNM Azizul Hoque (Associate Professor of  Physics, IUB)
  • S. M. Mashrukh Uddin (Undergraduate Student of Physics, IUB)

Academic Members (BDOAA 2020)

Fahim Rajit Hossain
Academic Coordinator

I am an undergraduate student in Electrical Engineering at Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology. I was one of the team leaders and coaches of the team Bangladesh at IOAA in 2018 and 2019. During high school, I competed for Bangladesh at two International Olympiads ( IOAA 16 and IESO 17) was motivated to study Astronomy ever since. I think that science Olympiads are great for students to learn a more advanced curriculum at a young age, meet people from all over the world with similar interests, and make lasting friendships. I am currently working as an Academic Coordinator of BDOAA. Though my major is engineering and I am doing my undergraduate research at Leiden Observatory on Exo-planetary sciences mostly on hot Jupiters.

Fairuz Ishraque
Academic Head

 I’m a rising junior at Colgate University majoring in Astrogeophysics and Data Science. I started working on research my freshman year which concerned photometric observations of Quasars and other AGNs. Currently I’m involved in planetary remote sensing research where I’m employing neural networks to better understand Martian climate history through geologic landform detections.

Like most people, my interest in astronomy started with stargazing but it quickly moved on to astrophysics. Participating in Olympiads (Notably IOAA 2016) definitely helped solidify my passion in astrophysics. My passion for observational astronomy definitely influenced my decision to do photometry research my freshman year but currently, I’m more interested in planetary science problems and am planning to pursue graduate studies in planetary physics.

Md. Mahmudunnobe
Academic Head

I’m an undergraduate student at Minerva Schools at KGI majoring in Physics and data science.Currently I’m involved in an Astrophysics project on Stellar population of open Clusters. I was one of the founding member of BDOAA. I’ve been engaged in Olympiads from a very early age. My olympiad endeavours brought me to IESO 14 , IOAA 14, APAO 15 and IOAA 16. As I understood the necessity of getting guidance and support in my olympiad years, now I’m looking forward to help student to learn more about astronomy and promote astronomy education in Bangladesh.

  • Tunok Mondol (Mathematics, University of Waterloo) – IOAA 18
  • Arnab Choudhury (Civil, BUET)  – IOAA 18
  • Muztahid Abrar Siddique (EEE, IUT) – APAO 16 Bronze
  • Hasnat Mohammad Nayeem (EEE, IUT)
  • Abdullah Al Hasib Sifat (KC)
  • Hamidur Rahman Apu (Physics, JU)

Organizing Team

  • General Secretary –  Ahmad Abdullah Rifat (CSE, JU)
  • Web Developer-  Barha Mehrun Pritha (BRACU) –  Bronze APAO’15
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