Help Bangladesh Team for IOAA-2020

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Bangladesh Team at IOAA 2019

Our committee is in charge of selecting students from Bangladesh who represent Bangladesh in the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA). In 2020, IOAA will be organized by Colombia in September 2020. We are planning to start the selection process in Bangladesh from December 2019.

Unfortunately, we have no economic support from any person, company or organization till now. All of our organizers, volunteers, and academic members work voluntarily, even bearing all of the transportations and logistics costs on their own. We do it willingly, just for the popularization and development of astronomy and astrophysics in Bangladesh. However, there are some unavoidable costs which incur in any arrangement, like logistics, banner, venue fees, and camp arrangements. And the big part of cost includes the travelling cost of the team, bearing which is impossible for the majority of Bangladeshi students as well as team leaders.

Hence, we would like to request everyone to help our students for participating in IOAA 2020. We believe intellectuals have no border, hence we expect everyone from the world will help us to bring our future intellectuals abroad.

So here is the Go Fund Me campaign for supporting us:

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